Online MarketingChristian and Rasmus Mikkelsen are two twin brothers who make a living through Kindle and audiobook publishing. They’ve published eBooks on subjects as diverse as the keto diet, CrossFit, Python programming, and how to get straight As in college. Read on Mikkelsen Twins Review to learn more.

Some people call them out for using emotional triggers in their marketing and exaggerating the ease of this business model. They also don’t talk about how expensive it is to hire a quality ghostwriter and narrator.

Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen are twin entrepreneurs who have made a fortune in the self-publishing business. They’re the creators of Publishing Life and Audiobook Income Academy, online courses that teach people how to publish and sell their own audiobooks on Audible. They also have a YouTube channel and a book called Freedom Shortcut that teaches people how to make money online. But are they legit or scammers?

Mikkelsen Twins Review

The twins started out selling eBooks on Amazon. They then discovered that they could narrate these books and turn them into audiobooks to be sold on Audible. They got really good at this, and they soon started making over $10,000 per month. This gave them the freedom to travel and live the lifestyle of their dreams.

But their success didn’t come easy. They worked hard and invested a lot of time in their businesses. They also experimented with different business models – from drop shipping to retail arbitrage and even creating an app. They would test each model out and go with whatever worked best.

In 2015, they finally found a business model that worked for them. They focused on book publishing and have since been making a full-time living from it. They now travel the world and work from home in New Jersey. They use their profits from their book publishing business to fund their travels.

While the Mikkelsen Twins’ claims are legitimate, there are some who argue that their course is overpriced and hyped up. They say that the process isn’t as quick or as easy as they claim, and that it requires a large investment in order to produce quality audiobooks. In addition, they also claim that the twins don’t tell you everything they know about the business model.

But if you’re ready to put in the effort, you can definitely make a profit from the business model. The key is to invest in high-quality narrators and writers. This will increase your sales and help you make more money in the long run. In addition, you should also consider investing in software tools and paid ads. These will help you optimize your audiobooks for search engines and increase your sales.

What They Offer

If you’re interested in making passive income from audiobooks, the Mikkelsen twins might be a good fit for you. They offer a course, which includes step-by-step guidance to get you started. They also provide mentorship and a Facebook group. They have over 15,000 members in the community.

However, some critics have called them scammers. They use emotional triggers and exaggerated results to sell their course. They also recommend that you borrow money to fund your venture, which isn’t always a smart financial decision. In addition, the twins have been accused of encouraging people to buy their course by using credit cards and suggesting they cancel subscriptions.

Despite the criticism, the twins aren’t scammers. They have a unique skill set that they can turn into an income stream. They’re not the only people to use a business model like this, and they’re certainly not the only ones to be successful at it. In addition, their course offers a money-back guarantee.

They started by publishing Kindle books on topics such as fitness, mindfulness, and social media marketing. Most of them made a profit, but the twins found that it was even more rewarding to help others improve their lives. They eventually became experts in their field and started creating audiobooks, which made more money than the Kindle books.

The Mikkelsen twins have been able to build their business into a full-fledged education company, called Publishing Life. They now teach others how to make money online through Amazon publishing. The new partnership program is a more comprehensive course that helps you create your own automated income stream from audiobooks and other digital products. It’s less saturated than physical products and doesn’t require you to have a warehouse or pay for storage space.

In addition to their flagship program, the Mikkelsen twins have created a number of other products that can help you make passive income from online content. The Automatic Income Academy, or AIA, is one of them. This is a program that teaches you how to create and market online courses, podcasts, YouTube videos, and email marketing.

How They Make Money

The Mikkelsen Twins are real people who make money online. They publish eBooks and audiobooks, but they also create courses and sell them on Audible. This makes them a good example of a business model that can work. However, there are some red flags to watch out for. They may use emotional triggers to sell their products, and they might overstate their income claims. In addition, they might not always mention the downsides of this type of business.

The twins started by doing freelance work and then moved on to a full-time career in writing. They have now published more than 150 books and are known pioneers in the Amazon book (kindle) publishing and audiobook industry. They have earned more than $20 million and are a recognized success story in the online business world.

Their success has attracted many impostors who try to take advantage of unsuspecting people. They use misleading marketing tactics to lure potential customers and promise them fast money with little or no effort. Some of these scams have been reported by government agencies.

It is important to know the truth about these schemes before making any financial decisions. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid them. The most common way to spot a scam is to check the reputation of the company or person. Look for reviews and testimonials on the internet, and check with the Better Business Bureau.

Another way to check whether a business is legit is to find out how the twins make their money. They make their money by selling a course that teaches people how to self-publish books on Audible. They have created a number of different courses, including Audiobook Income Academy and Publishing Life. The twins have also made videos on YouTube about their experiences in the publishing industry.

The Audiobook Income Academy program is a comprehensive program that includes training on how to write and produce an audiobook. It also covers how to market the book and how to build an audience on Audible. The program costs $997, but you can pay in installments.

Final Words

Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen are identical twins who run an online business that helps people publish audiobooks. They’ve been in the business for six years and have earned over $20 million in that time. However, some critics have claimed that they’re scammers. Let’s take a closer look at their business model to see whether it’s legitimate or not.

In high school, nobody would have expected the Mikkelsen twins to do much of anything with their lives. They got fired from one dead-end job after another, smoked weed, and spent their free time playing video games or watching YouTube videos. But after high school, they decided to make a change and enroll in community college. They took it seriously, got straight As, and built up their confidence. From there, they began to look for ways to make money online. They tried a few different models, but one stood out above the rest: publishing audiobooks.

Since then, they’ve built a multi-million dollar empire that has allowed them to travel the world and live the lifestyle of their dreams. They’ve also created a course called Publishing Life to teach others how to do the same. While they do offer some helpful tips, many of their claims are misleading. For example, they make it sound like audiobook publishing is a lot easier and more passive than it actually is. In reality, it’s expensive to produce an audiobook. You need to pay for a good ghostwriter, narrator, and graphics designer. And the twins’ method isn’t always the quickest or most profitable way to do it.

In addition, the twins recommend that their students use credit cards to fund their businesses. This can be a risky financial move, especially if you’re not in the best credit shape. They also advise their students to cut back on other expenses and spend as much of their income as possible on audiobooks. This can be difficult for a lot of people, especially those with full-time jobs and families. If you’re thinking about investing in their course, be sure to do your research first.